Experience the Great Life Difference for Agents!

We founded Great Life RE knowing there had to be a better way for agents to earn more money, enjoy a great work culture, have the benefit of a company that coaches, collaborates and enables you to grow your business while doing good in the communities we serve. Agents can have a Great Life! 

Choosing a brokerage is a big decision. Here are just few reasons why we believe Great Life RE is the right choice for you.

More Money In Your Pocket

You’re working incredibly hard to build you business, shouldn’t you be keeping the majority of your commission? Why are you paying 20%, 30% or even more of your commission to someone else? We believe agents should earn more. With our simple fee per transaction model agents will earn more. Period. 

If a potential 10%, 20% or higher increase in your earnings is not reason enough to make you at least explore the possibility of joining Great Life RE ...then read on... 

Great Working Culture 

At Great Life RE we love what we do and we want you to love working here too. We are innovative, motivated, collaborative, fun, serious, productive, excited, intentional and awesome! Your work environment should be positive and rewarding. We work together, encourage one another and help one another grow, develop and succeed. We know how empowering it can be to work with people you like and respect. We are also keenly aware of what it is like to work with people who bring you down rather than build you up. That’s why we have a solid no sphincter rule! 

Want to get to know more about us and what we stand for? Take a look at our company manifesto or read it on our wall when you come to visit! 

Work and System Efficiency 

Time is money. Every minute you waste trying to manage a file or loose piece of paper costs you the ability to do the things that help you make money. We have instituted a highly efficient paperless transaction and file management system, an exceptional lead management system and the latest contact tech available to make you more effective and save you time. 


At Great Life RE, we utilize tools and technology to advance your business. The right tools can increase an agents capability, productivity and potential. Being saddled with antiquated technology is business disablement. We see far too many franchise, agent and technology fees justified by agent tools that are inadequate or that just go unused. We understand the changing business landscape and are very agile and able to quickly respond to market needs. We provide a cutting edge base tool set and allow you to choose others you would like to deploy. This gives you the ability to have the foundation covered with us, pay for additional tools you choose to use and pay for none that you won’t. 

If you are unsure about the technology options or need advice on exactly what to use, we have that covered as well. 


The real estate business of today requires flexibility, creativity and agility. You need to have the ability to be responsive to individual needs and client situations. Rigid parameters and responses like “that is the way we do it here” can cause you to lose deals. 

One of the pillars of our brokerage is Empowerment. As a professional at Great Life RE, you have the flexibility to respond to client needs and are empowered to structure deals in the best possible to way to win the business and get the transaction done. 

Access and Independence 

Every agent has individual needs, capabilities and desires for growth. Commission percentages or blanketed fees allocated to cookie cutter programs and services are becoming a very old school approach. Some agents are extremely organized but need help with marketing services, others have great marketing sensibilities, but need transaction coordination assistance. At Great Life RE we provide you with easy access to services you can choose to invest in - customized marketing plans, staging assistance, photography, drone, videography, virtual reality and more. We encourage you to invest where you need it and save where you don’t! 

A look Inside The Great Life RE Offices


Customized, individual business planning for agents is a key differentiator at Great Life RE. We work with you to develop a business plan specifically designed to take your business where you want it to go and then we help you get there.

Training and learning opportunities for real estate are abundantly available on a multitude of platforms. The “secret” training sauce is out there.  At Great Life RE we provide real world training, utilize learning from industry thought leaders and provide access to information that helps you grow your business, become more tech savvy and advance your skills. 

For new agents, we offer a progressive mentorship plan to jump start your success. 

Doing Good 

At Great Life RE, we want to enable others to experience a Great Life as well. Our model is designed to contribute to good causes in the community. Rather than charging franchise fees or technology fees that are usually kept as business profit centers we decided instead to design a model that gives back and does good in our community. Agents pay a very small “gives” fee of 1/2% on each deal that is applied to the Great Life Gives fund. This enables us all to give a little and collectively impact a lot. 

Every penny of this fund goes to great causes in the communities we serve. We give where we see need and support causes that fall under our core pillars of Home, Health and Empowerment. 

There is full transparency in our giving and EVERY member of the team has Equal Voice in what we support. 

We Are Intentional

We take action, act with integrity, demand excellence and are extremely passionate about what we do. Action, Integrity, Communication and Results, It’s the Great Life Model! 

We Mentioned the Money, Right?!

The money is great  Money is not the most important thing in the world of course but it is right up there. So why are you giving away more of your hard earned money than you need to be? Our plan is simple, affordable and easy to understand.

We welcome the opportunity to talk with you about Experiencing the Great Life Difference for yourself. 

Your inquiry with us will be kept in the strictest confidence. And know this, we are a no pressure kind of brokerage. If we are the right fit for you and you are the right fit for us, we’ll both know it. If not, we will wish you success and hope to do deals with you in the future. It’s that simple. 

You have nothing to lose, and everything to gain so let's talk...